Your Content

You keep complete ownership of all content and activity in your Zenroom. By posting your content on the Services, you grant us permission to show it and run your Zenroom, such that content, data, and activity shows up. Make sure you have permission to use content that you post on Zenroom and complied with our terms in user representations, warranties, prohibited activities and clauses in this term.
All material that you upload, publish or display to others via a Zenroom is “Your Content,” unless provided for otherwise by the Zentor. The Service enables Zennies to add posts, articles, photos, videos, questions, links, send files, and chat with other Zennies. Besides, Zentors have additional permission to create events, follow Zennie activities, appoint moderator and admin for Zenroom. The Service also allows Zentor to create a personalized name for your Zenroom (“Your Zenroom Name”), which will appear in a subdomain accessible directly to Zennies. Material that a Zennies upload, publish, or display to others via a Zenroom is “Zennie Generated Content”. Your Content, including Zennie Generated Content, does not include Your Data.